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About company

Dear All!

SBN RUNOWO Sp. z o.o. is the first company in northern Poland to offer a wide range of steel for concrete reinforcement to the construction companies.

We have modern production machines, appropriate technology and qualified personnel.

We are the first company to obtain technical approval of the Building Research Institute in Warsaw for hot rolled ribbed steel products.

SBN RUNOWO to assess the conformity of production has its own strength laboratory and quality control assessment performed and overseen by a Centre for Research and Certification "SIMPTEST" in Katowice, according to the system 1+ Building Directive 89/106/EWG.

We offer reinforcement of concrete elements to Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Since we began production in July 2010 we successfully meet the quality and assortment needs.

We look forward to cooperation!

SBN RUNOWO Sp. z o.o. Runowo Krajeńskie 3A 89-410 Więcbork Poland T +48 52 389 79 28